Safaree Runs Into Meek Mill At DJ Khaled Mansion Party in L.A. & Meek Sent The Goons On Him

Jun 24 2017

Well yesterday didnt go to well for Safaree in LA during BET Weekend. Safaree pulled up to DJ Khaled’s mansion party to enjoy the festivites until Meek Mill hops out of his SUV and his goons allegedly jumped Safaree. Meek Mill and Safaree used to be dating the same woman known as Nicki Minaj.

By the way the video looks, Safaree saw Meek Mill come out of the SUV and he started running. Meek’s goons chased Safaree and got a couple licks in also on his friend as well.

Safaree didnt take the assault to well as he went to instagram to let the people know his version of how everything played out. Safaree also went on to say Meek Mill is a pussy for not fighting him one on one and sending the goons. We can imagine thats what some of them are on payroll for right? Especially since Meek Mill is currently on probation. Check out Safaree’s reaction below and let us know what you think!

#Safaree says he ran into #MeekMill at #DJKhaled mansion party & his goons jumped him! #hiphopoverload

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