Safaree knows who robbed him and thinks Nicki Minaj set him up

Apr 07 2018

Safaree says he knows who robbed him and who pushed the person to rob him. One of the two men involving in robbing Safaree was his long time childhood friend Shawn Harewood. Safaree knew Shawn since he was 14 years old.

Shawn is still close with Nicki and Safaree believes some how someway Nicki may be invovled. The second man arrested in the robbery was Jonathan Ricketts.

Safaree’s attorney, James Leonard Jr., stated that this was not just a random armed robbery and “that his client was lucky to escape unscathed,” implying that the attack on him was premeditative. Safaree’s attorney had no comment about his client’s connection to Harewood.

TMZ reported that Harewood was taken captive together with another person, Jonathan Ricketts right after the incident took place. According to the source, “They were caught on foot in upper Manhattan after police pursued them over the George Washington Bridge from NJ.”


5 thoughts on “Safaree knows who robbed him and thinks Nicki Minaj set him up

  1. That’s some grimey shit,But u can’t trust noone these days! Not a friend, sister, brother ! It’s A A DAMN SHAME but it happens! I’m sorry safaree u don’t deserve that but bitches is ENVIOUS AND SUDES N BITCHES AINT SHIT. LOVE U

  2. Why he and yall always think Nicki has anything to do with it, yall never cant say his name with Nicki in there somewhere.

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