Safaree best friend indicted for robbing him inside parking garage facing 20 years in Prison

Feb 28 2019

Last year in April three men robbed Safaree for more than $180,000 in cash and jewelry. Luckily all of this was caught on camera inside a parking garage. Safaree was on his way to a radio interview at Hot 105.1 with Angie Martinez and let the radio world know he almost lost his life minutes before interview. The men had reportedly been tracking Safaree with a GPS device before the robbery took place, while it was also noted that Safaree considered one of the men to be a personal friend. They were all subsequently arrested following the armed robbery, after they tried to escape on foot while police chased them over the George Washington Bridge.

Since then the three men have been charged with a 7 count indictment for the robbery. Shawn Harewood, Tacuma Ashman, and Carl Harry are all facing a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison if convicted.

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