Russ releases video of his crew beating SmokePurpp up at Festival

Sep 13 2018

The other day Russ hinted that he had a video which showed him and his crew beating
SmokePurpp’s ass while at a festival in the UK. Russ promised to release the video if SmokePurpp or anyone tried to deny it. Well it seems Russ said fuck SmokePurpp and released it anyway. In the video you can see Russ’s crew of about 7 people putting the beat’s on SmokePurpp. In the video you even hear SmokePurpp yell for security to step in and help but it seems they were there just watching.

SmokePurpp later responded to the video acknowledging he was jumped. Check out all the videos below and tell us what you think.

Video of Russ Crew Beating up SmokePurpp:

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