Royce Da 5’9 dares Jay Electronica to release a diss record at Eminem “Ima Light Yo A** Up”

Sep 15 2018

Eminem has pissed off some rappers with his diss records aimed at them. After releasing the Machine Gun Kelly diss record “Kill Shot” it seems besides pissing off MGK he also made Jay Electronica mad. Jay Electronica called Eminem out for claiming Diddy was responsible for 2Pac’s death. Jay Electronica came forward to express his displeasure in Em’s playful suggestion that Diddy put out the hit that got Tupac murdered. Jay Elec went as far as to suggest he’ll come for Eminem if he doesn’t “tread carefully.”

It seems Eminem’s long time right hand man Royce Da 5’9 was not feeling Jay’s threat towards Eminem and made his own tweet at Jay saying “I dare one of you niggas to write sum’n… Ima light yo ass up like a jack o lantern. Mind ya bizness”

Check the tweet out below

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Now enter Royce Da 5’9, who has come forward daring anyone to “write sum’n…” in response to Em. Royce followed up by telling whoever his statement applies to, “Ima light yo a** up like a jack o lantern. Mind ya bizness.”

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