Rihanna Steals Naomi Campbell’s Billionaire Boyfriend After They Went To A Rihanna Concert & Naomi Isnt Happy About It

Jun 29 2017

Rihanna has been the hottest in the game for some time now, and today is no different. Naomi Campbell was dating billionaire Saudi Prince Hassan Jameel. Hassan Jameel and his family own all the Toyota dealerships in his country. Naomi and Hassan apparently went to a Rihanna concert that Naomi took him too and I guess Rihanna took a liking to what she saw or vice versa.

Here are the two seen at the Rihanna concert below

But it was up until a few months ago, Hassan was dating Naomi Campbell. A few weeks later, Rihanna secretly started hooking up with Naomi’s man. Here are the two together at a New Years Party in London.

Naomi eventually found out about Rihanna and her SCANDALOUS WAYS, and she let out some shade on Andy Cohen’s show.

Well what has the world going crazy is Rihanna was seen making out with Naomi’s billionaire ex boyfriend in the pool while smoking some loud.

We already know Rihanna’s gonna get what she wants, and she just hit a lick with her new billionaire boyfriend or maybe its just a fling. You be the judge.

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