Rick Ross exposes Birdman for being broke and losing his Miami water front Mansion

Dec 18 2017

Rick Ross got wind of a post and he aired it out on his Instagram story. Ross who is in all out Fuck Birdman mode is not letting up. In the video you can hear Ross clowning Birdman for defaulting on a $12 Million dollar loan in which his used his Miami mansion as collateral. Court documents show that back in 2015 Birdman borrowed $12 Million from EMG Transfer Agent. The music mogul used his Miami mansion which he bought in 2012 for $14.5 Million as collateral.

Since the Birdman has defaulted on the loan and EMG wants the house foreclosed on so they can get their $12 Million back plus the late fess and interest charges he owes.

Birdman recently put the home on the market for $20 million, but slashed the price down to $16.9 million last month. The mansion is still for sale with no bites as of yet.


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