Reginae Carter Involved In Fight At Clark Atlanta University

Apr 27 2017

Reginae Carter definitely got an early taste of the college life. While visiting Clark Atlanta University, the prospective student was captured in the middle of an altercation on Snapchat on Apr. 26, after reportedly leaving a probate at the university.

In the video clip re-posted on Officially Live, Lil Wayne’s daughter and her best friend Lourdes, who is currently a student at Clark, can be seen in the middle of the fight. Although the camera is a bit unsteady, Lourdes appears to be fighting, while Reginae is trying to pull one girl off of her friend. There are several bystanders around the fight, recording and attempting to diffuse the situation.

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Following the incident, Lourdes posted an Instagram Live video, explaining her side of the story. According to her, the group of girls seen in the video were drunk. When she and Reginae were leaving the probate, one of the girls allegedly yanked on Lourdes’ sweater, prompting her to respond with the same force. Things turned more violent, when the unidentified girl hit Lourdes. Although the video shows quite a bit of footage, Lourdes asserts the altercation only lasted a couple of seconds.

The incident comes shortly after rumors of Reginae getting bullied by fellow classmates in high school began to swirl days prior. The original video that riled fans’ suspicions, showed a girl pushing Reginae’s head before walking away. It does not appear to be related to the college fight. The 18-year-old quickly shut those whispers down on Twitter however, writing “I don’t get bullied . Never did. Never will.” She continued, “Think about it .. hit somebody whose mad over $20 and end up with a lawsuit or ignore ? I choose ignore,” she explained.

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