Rap legend JT Money has disowned his Gay Son Jeffrey who is star of Love and Hip Hop Miami

Mar 05 2018

Miami rap legend JT Money has a son that he is not claiming! JT Money who’s known for all his hoe’s and money may be embarrassed that his son who shares his name sake is GAY. JT Money’s son is none other than Love and Hip Hop Miami Star Jeffrey J.

If you do not know Jeffrey first appeared on the show as the boyfriend of gay rapper Bobby Lytes then he left Bobby for Malik who was a in the closet Miami club promoter.

People close to Jeffrey tell us that JT has not spoke to his son in 6 years which was right around when Jeffrey came out the closet to his dad. People say JT is so embarrassed of his son and wonders how this happened to him. JT is Miami rap and feels this would kill his legacy. It’s just said because father and son look so much a like.

JT Money’s smahs hit record “Who Dat” video

Jeffrey and Bobby fighting on Love and Hip Hop

10 thoughts on “Rap legend JT Money has disowned his Gay Son Jeffrey who is star of Love and Hip Hop Miami

  1. #JTWho?? Sad his homophobia would cause him to estrange himself from his BLOOD-His SON! I root for Jefferey J. We all need ot learn ot live our truths and enjoy the one life we have. #CarryOnDoYou

    1. Why you disrespect that woman calling her a bitch? That’s not right, just tell her it’s fake and don’t believe it

  2. Fake! Fake! Fake!
    Lies on top of lies! Who making this shit up?
    JT and his son have a wonderful relationship and always have. Its sad that these sites are posting these lies just for exposure and raids..smh
    Don’t believe this b.s.
    It is definitely the farthest thing from the truth!

  3. Who the hell is jt money never heard of him snd parent who care more about a legency then support ing their own child dont dexerve to be a parent 6 yrs not speaking to your son becsussw of his life choicd to live happy as he see fuck jom blk daddy ain’t shit

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