R. Kelly is suing Lifetime for promoting lies about him and is launching a new website called “SurvivingLies.Com”

Jan 07 2019

R. Kelly has finally spoken about the “Surivving R. Kelly” speical which aired on Lifetime and he is pissed off! R. Kelly claims he has never watched a minute of it yet but from the backlash he is pissed off and ready to sue everyone invovled in the ordeal of killing his name and brand. Looking to fight for his name R. Kelly will be launching a website called “SurvivingLies.Com” and it will expose his accusers as liars who only want his money.

In one video we found with Asante McGee, McGee’s own daughter suggests that her mother is lying about her claims of sexual abuse, supposedly proven by a leaked phone conversation with a new boyfriend. As of now, the website is not online.

Asante McGee exposed for lying:


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