Popular Jacksonville rapper Yungeen Ace shot and killed one would be robber during ambush attempt on him

Mar 11 2019

Yungeen Ace is a very popular rapper from Jacksonville that some of you may not have hear of yet. While in a hotel room with some of his crew members, some would be robbers attempted to ambush Yungeen Ace and his crew. Police report shows that one of the robbers were killed by Yungeen Ace. three Jacksonville men were taken into custody. Mark Johnson, 26, Leroy Whittaker, 18, and Devante Starks, 26, were arrested on a series of gun and drug charges. It’s unclear how they’re involved. Few details have been released in the case. Police did say, however, that they were responding to a report of people being chased by another group of people who were armed with handguns.

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