Popular California rapper Tay Way shot and killed minutes after posting his location on Instagram

Sep 21 2020

Richmond, California rapper Tay Way unfortunately has been shot and killed. The popular California rapper was shot and killed minutes after he posted his location on instagram.

The rapper was reportedly seen standing outside of a liquor store located at MacDonald Avenue and 4th Street, and walked down the street when shooters pulled up on the rapper and shot in him an alleged drive-by scenario according to police. While the shooters were firing, Tay Way tried to back into the store he was in front of, but was hit numerous times. As a result, the rising rapper ended up passing away.

Two other people were reportedly injured in the shooting, with one of the people being taken to hospital in a helicopter. A surveillance camera was reportedly pointed at the scene of the incident, but investigators didn’t reveal if any footage was taken by police.

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