Police charge murdered rapper Jimmy Wopo with leading ruthless gang “11 Hunnit”

Aug 08 2018

Multiple news reports are labeling slain/murder rap star Jimmy Wopo as the head of a notorious Pittsburgh street gang called “11 Hunnit”. The report claims that Jimmy Wopo and his 11 Hunnit gang ran the city’s Hill District.
Three of the gang’s reported members, 22-year-old Dionte Griffin, 20-year-old Sydney Pack and 23-year-old Richard Kelly are currently facing federal charges stemming from murders, drug trafficking, and robberies.

Federal indictment paper work has leaked and it shows Jimmy Wopo’s name multiple times as one of the gangs main leaders. The indictment also shows Jimmy ordered the gang to commit robberies and harm members of rival gangs.

Sadly Jimmy Wopo was killed the same day that XXXTentacion was killed June 20th 2018 and to this day the police have not made any arrest in the murder of Wopo.

Griffin and Pack could receive life in prison if convicted while Kelly could face a 20-year sentence.

Full news video about Jimmy Wopo & 11 Hunnit Gang


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