Omelly makes 1st post on Instagram since Meek Mill kicked him out of Dream Chasers & cut off financial support

Jun 03 2021

Meek Mill has made a lot of changes to his direct circle since being home from jail this last time. One of his real day ones Omelly has been cut off as well. Meek and Omelly are actually blood cousins so this one is crazy to us. People on social media and in the music industry have been wondering for the past year why has Omelly been stuck in Philly for the past year while Meek is all over the world. For the past 18 months or so you never seen Omelly and Meek together like we use to. Meek has also cut off his long time friend P Mon, and its funny that the 1st comment you see on Omelly post in PMonDC who says he has Omelly’s back right or wrong.

People close to Meek tell us that since hanging with his Billionaire friends 76er’s owner and Patriots owner he has cut off anyone with true day one ties to him. Also people are saying Jay Z is in his ear a lot now and one of the main reason why Meek and Rick Ross are beefing with each. Remember Meek blocked Ross from entering his section at his birthday party this year at Club Live in Miami. Stay tuned for more updates.

Omelly has since now deleted this IG post!

Omelly post and PMon commenting:

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