Omarion disses Lil Wayne and Young Money says Lil Wayne is a artist not a boss worse label ever

Nov 15 2019

Omarion recently sat down and did a tell all interview with VladTV. During his interview he touched on his time he was signed with Young Money Records which is Lil Waynes label. Omarion called Lil Wayne the worse boss ever saying he was a artist not a boss and did not know how to run a label. Omarion also spoke on how he was taking off the hit song “Bed Rock”. Of course this interview caught the attention of Lil Waynes right hand man Mack Maine who tweeted out his side of it. Maine let it be known that Omarion was only signed to the label for 1 week and that Neyo submitted a better version to Kane Beatz track which they used Lloyd for to sing the hook. Check out the interview below and Mack Maines tweets.

Omarion dissing Young Money:

Mack Maine responding

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