OJ Simpson accepts Khloe Kardashian paternity test only if they make it a TV Show

Nov 15 2017

Its been long rumored in Hollywood for some years that Khloe Kardashian is OJ Simpson’s daughter. OJ’s friend and lawyer at the time the late Rob Kardashian Sr. took her on as his daughter. Rumor has it OJ and Kris Jenner had a long time affair that everyone knew about.

Khloe recetly asked OJ to take a paternity test, which OJ denied. Well now the financially strapped OJ will do anything for buck so he can live his old lifestyle. Word we got from the Kardashian camp is that OJ has finally taken Khloe’s offer, but with one stipulation. OJ wants the paternity test to be filmed in a mini series on VH1. Its obvious he knows Kardashian and TV equal big bucks. Khloe from what we hear has not responded to OJ or his request.

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