Nipsey Hussle Marathon Clothing store might be seized by Feds for Gang activity

Jul 17 2019

Nipsey Hussle has been dead for almost 4 months and it still seems so unreal. Killed outside of his iconic Marathon Clothing store. Since the murder more recently Nipsey’s store was shut down and now we have the reason why. It has been leaked that Nipsey’s store more than likely will be seized by the FEDs for Gang Activity. FED’s are claiming that Nipsey houses and supported known gang members giving them fake pay stubs so they could be in the streets.

The investigation looks especially odd now after city officials, including Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Commissioner Steve Soboroff, publicly mourned Hussle’s death. Garcetti praised the rapper born Ermias Asghedom as an “artist, entrepreneur, activist and philanthropist” who “loved this city and gave of himself to uplift his neighborhood and his neighbors,” and the city council named the strip mall’s intersection at Crenshaw and Slauson after him.

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