Nicki Minaj Throws More Shots At Remy Ma On DJ Khaled’s ‘Grateful’ Album

Jun 23 2017

Did Nicki Minaj throw more shots at Remy Ma on DJ Khaled’s Grateful album? That’s the way it sounds on the tracks ‘Nobody,’ featuring Alicia Keys and ‘I Can’t Even Lie’ with Future.

“You know the liar will accuse you / You know the queen still reign / It’s just business as usual / Anything I touch, I bless it, track record so impressive / Open the Billboard Awards with a hit record,”

spit Nicki on ‘Nobody.’

If you remember, the Young Money rapper opened the 2017 Billboard Awards with ‘No Frauds,’ the song in which she responded to Remy’s ‘shEther’ diss.

Additionally, on the Grateful track ‘I Can’t Even Lie,’ Nicki seems to bring up Remy’s husband Papoose.

“Keep your man off my Instagram, bitch / Ninety-nine problems but ain’t one a damn bitch,”

she raps.

Nicki may be referring to reports that Pap liked a few photos of her and Drake on her Instagram page back in March.

If these lines were in fact directed at the Bronx spitter, it would be the third time that Nicki has dissed Remy since ‘shETHER’ dropped. Of course, she went at her on ‘No Frauds,’ then on Katy Perry’s ‘Swish Swish’ and on 2 Chainz’s ‘Realize.’

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