Nick Cannon’s artist Ryan Bowers, shot by Police after standoff where he cut his own throat

Jan 08 2019

Nick Cannon is a pop star from TV to Music, but today he learned some bad news. Nick Cannon has learned that his rap artist Ryan Bowers was shot by police after he had a stand off which resulted in him cut his own throat! The 23 year old rapper reportedly threatened the polic officers with knives. In fear the police fired multiple shots which hit Ryan in his upper body. Currently Ryan is in the hospital fighting for his life. Nick Cannon via his instagram account let his feelings be known about Ryan’s sad situation. Check Nick’s IG post below

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This honestly hurts my heart to have to post this right now, but I’m just requesting prayers and positive energy for my young guy! @RyanBowersOB has to be one of the most talented and gifted youngsters I’ve ever met but more importantly one of the most resilient and strong spirits I’ve personally witnessed. He had such a troubled and haunted journey when I first signed him that I wasn’t aware of because he did it all with a smile. One of the nicest and sincere kids you could ever meet. About 5 years ago I created a alternative rap group for him and @Kehlani along with a few other talented young artist called “PWD”. They were all so dope that I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in them. They had amazing songs with @E40 @losangelesconfidential @djpremier and more. They toured with @therealtechn9ne and even performed on Wildnout, at SXSW and other festivals. And Bowers was the energy of the group, a writer, rapper, singer, skateboarder.😊! The kid could do it all, but like most of us he had his own demons and darkness that he struggled with. We would often talk about God and Spirituality and he got to a place where it all was confusing for him and he couldn’t trust anyone. I told him I would always have his back and would be there for him so when I got the call today that he slit his throat and then immediately after the San Diego police shot him numerous times. My heart sunk. Through the grace of the Most High Ryan Bowers is still here with us, but he needs your prayers and positive energy. I promise you if my guy pulls through I will make the world know him and appreciate his amazing journey and gifts!! I love you my dude! I know you are going to pull through! 🙏🏾

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