NFL Star Marshawn Lynch aka Beast Mode is under fire after video shows him spitting on a fan and slapping phone out his hand

Apr 12 2017

Marshawn Lynch has never taken well to being a star off of the football field. He was known for giving the press a hard time and on several occasions revealed himself to be far from approachable by fans out in public. On Monday (April 10), Lynch shocked a couple of onlookers at LAX airport when he casually walked past a couple of awestruck teenagers who had been filming him, and then walked back to destroy their property.

A TMZ crew on the scene captured the incident on video. The teens, said to be age 17 and 18 had showed up to the airport anticipating Lynch’s arrival after learning that he would be on one of the flights. Lynch is seen walking past them, stopping, then turning around and slapping the phone out of the 18 year old’s hand. Lynch proceeded to walk back into the airport facility, but exited moments later, at which point the boys were still standing there. He is then believed to have spit on the floor as he passed them by.

The young man whose phone was destroyed has stated that he is considering pressing assault charges.

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