Never before released photo from 1993 of 2Pac & Biggie hanging out has finally been released

Mar 04 2021

This is so iconic, the photo below of icon rappers 2pac and Biggie smalls was taken in 1993 by photograpger T. Eric Monroe. The Photo shows just how close of friends Biggie and 2Pac really were before all the beef that kicked off claimed their lives.

Monroe explained, “So 1993, I set up a shoot with Onyx to do an article in Thrasher. They were in concert, opening for either Ice-T or Public Enemy or something. So I get there around soundcheck time. We’re standing in the dressing room, talking to the guys, planning it out. We go down to the stage area because the performance wasn’t starting yet and I got our group shots that I needed from them.”

From there, he adds, “As I was packing my equipment away, someone from the other side of the stage goes, ‘Yo, come take our picture.’ I literally said, ‘Yes, give me a second.’ Then I ended up going over to the guys who said it. Literally just look at them, line up the picture and took one picture and said thank you and then went back to the dressing room to Onyx. I got the film developed at some point and I kept remembering this giant middle finger. I remember writing the name Tupac on it, but I didn’t really understand who he was in 1993.”

Check out the picture below!

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