NBA YoungBoy sentenced to 3 years probation for Drive By shooting case

Aug 24 2017

NBA YoungBoy should play the lottery. The popular Baton Rouge rapper was sentenced to only 3 years probation for his role in a Drive by Shooting that left 18-year-old Keondrae Ricks dead. NBA YoungBoy also was given 250 hours of community service and a $5,000 fine for his role.

Prior to confessing for a reduced charge back in may. At the time NBA YoungBoy was facing 2 counts of first degree murder for his part in the crime. His plea of guilty to aggravated assault with a firearm also got him three years of active supervised probation with a 10-year suspended prison term behind it.

“Fortunately, you all were bad shots,” District Judge Bonnie Jackson told the rapper, after admitting that she was not pleased with the circumstances of his case. Jackson would strongly reprimand YoungBoy and tried to give him a sense of the danger he has brought upon himself and the community given his lifestyle. She even imparted a few words upon the young rapper, stating, “Your genre has a lot to do with the mindset people have. Your genre has normalized violence.”

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