NBA YoungBoy Has A Five Album Deal With Atlantic

Aug 27 2017

NBA YoungBoy was given a suspended sentence of ten years, three years of probation, 250 hours of community service and a $5000 dollar fine for his involvement in a drive-by shooting.

It was all a pretty sweet deal, considering he initially faced two charges of attempted first-degree murder and ended up just pleading to an aggravated assault charge.

After the sentencing, YoungBoy’s lawyer James Manasseh revealed his client has a five album deal with Atlantic, which some sources are saying is worth $2 million.

That seems a little light money wise for a five album deal with a major label. Especially after what YoungBoy probably paid Manasseh for his very competent services.

Do you think some artists realize what they are getting into when signing contracts at a young age?

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