Mike Tyson will pay someone $10 Million to marry his daughter Mikey Tyson

Feb 26 2020

Boxing legend Mike Tyson is willing to pay someone $10 Million dollars if they marry his 30 year old daughter “Mikey Lorna Tyson”. Mike is tired of no one liking or being attracted to his oldest daughter. Anybody out there ready to make a quick $10 Million dollars?

17 thoughts on “Mike Tyson will pay someone $10 Million to marry his daughter Mikey Tyson

  1. Everybody need love and I don’t see noting wrong with her. she is a beautiful girl/woman,

    I would. for free. because I know she would love me until death do us part. crooz control Free spirit.

  2. I hope Mike Tyson has the good sense to make sure that whoever he selects is the right person for his daughter. She doesn’t need just anybody saying they will marry her just to get $10 million dollars. Once Mike selects who he wants to marry his daughter there should be a contract to sign saying how long this person should stay with her. Be it 10-20 years or to death do them part. There should also be something in the contract saying how Mike and his daughter want her to be treated. As well as what his husbandly duties are suppose to be. I mean just because the person has $10 million dollars doesn’t mean that he should never work. If a person wants to keep being rich he should know how to manage his money as well as invest his money.
    Not only that he should be the type of husband that is willing to help with chores around the house like taking out the garbage, changing a light bulb, tighten the locks on the door or fixing a cabinet door, etc., etc., etc. Last but not least he should be a fateful husband and not running after other women. Whatever Mike and his daughter feel is necessary should be placed in the contract. Along with a statement that says if the person breaks the contract he will be taken to court and sued for whatever amount Mike wants to sue him for. There you have it and this will show you just how many men would be willing to except that $10 million dollars.

    1. Mike…who is one of my most favorites…please dont set your daughter up to be mistreated by someone in need of a come up….theressomeone out there for EVERYONE….HONESTLY…she has her OWN beauty!!! AND there is ONLY one of her…her KING shall be by her side,soon enough

  3. can I marry her with love for someone too have more in life that they want I once sayed the whole internet before

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