Michael Blackson calls Kevin Hart a punk bitch for dissing him on The Breakfast and promises to end his career

Dec 15 2017

Kevin Hart was just a guest on The Breakfast Club and he called out Michael Blackson for using his cheating scandal as a career come up. Kevin said he did not respect Michael for using his family as bait for fame. Michael caught wind of it and had this to say on his verified instagram account “This sensitive midget beech just called me an ig model lol? That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen from you since your blurry ass sex tape in which your dum ass snitched on yourself crying like a lil bitch because some thot wanted 10 m’s in her bank account. Call your writers because when I’m done with you u will commit suicide by jumping off the curb you short fuck. Videos coming soon. You fooled America too long you corny pitbull looking beech.”

This seems to be real beef. Stay tuned check the videos below

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