Megan Thee Stallion reveals she was shot Sunday setup by label CEO Carl Crawford & Tory Lanez was protecting her

Jul 15 2020

Megan Thee Stallion has revealed that she was shot this past Sunday when Tory Lanez was locked up and charged with gun possesion. Meg’s team revealed that she was setup by her label ceo Carl Crawford from 1501 Ent. Meg and Carl have been in a fight over money both claim is owed to each other. Meg also reveals that Tory was protecting her from the ambush when he was locked up! Check out Meg’s post below.

2 thoughts on “Megan Thee Stallion reveals she was shot Sunday setup by label CEO Carl Crawford & Tory Lanez was protecting her

  1. Megan Thee Stallion I have been waiting, damn near holding my breath on the outcome of your contract situation with Cory. I saw this coming and I have been truly terrified for you. Megan you are more stupid than I thought you were if you didn’t see this coming. You simply can’t not honor the contract you signed. No matter how bad you want to go to some other company and producer. Once the air was cleared with J Zay and Cory you should have known their was going to be a hit coming your way. Don’t think because you are a woman it won’t happen. Now I don’t know if Cory spent two million dollars on you while trying to produce/promote your music or not. However, it sure sounds like an awful lot of money to produce music. I am sure there are other artists who didn’t have to pay near as much. To tell you the truth it sounds like you got a bad deal to begin with. Especially, having to pay Cory 40% of the money you earn from shows you do. Cory knows that he is sticking you up. Cory is also the one who is in control of all the gigs you get. So think about this if he is going to be getting you gigs that are only paying you $100,000.00 a gig and you have to give him $40,000.00 of that $100,000.00 which might not include any of the money you owe him for the $2,000,000.00 only you know that. However, if the 40% doesn’t include any money towards the $2,000,000.00 Cory claims you owe him then that means that you are paying over 40% of the money you earn to Cory. Which doesn’t leave you much to live on. Cory should have been getting you gigs that were paying way more than $100,000.00 a gig.
    At the rate you are earning money you will never be able to pay back the money you owe him. You will be in his debt forever. The way I see it you only have one or two choices. You either need to finish out your contract with him and pray for a miracle and hope one day you can pay him off or you need to take Cory to court and have the Judge make him present all the receipts for the $2,000,000.00 he claims you owe him. As well as see if the Judge will allow you to break the contract you have with Cory. you also need to file charges against Cory and take him to court for attempted murder and have his ass sent to prison for trying to have you killed. I hope you haven’t signed another contract with someone else because you could find yourself in more trouble than you are already in. Megan know that you are in my prayers. Right now what you need more than anything is protection and I can see right now that Tory Lanez is not going to be able to protect you. You need to do things the legal way and not only get the police involve but you need a Lawyer and a Judge. Please try to stay safe and may God be with you. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  2. Megan need armed security for life,yes this was a hit on her due to bad contract with CEO Carl Crawford,you signed that bad contract Megan and must pay the price.Get a lawyer to sue,have him show receits you owe the old label money.You are in his debt Magan,wake up music industry is no joke

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