Meek Mill’s grandmother’s house sprayed with racist graffiti in South Philly

Dec 18 2018

Meek Mill’s grandmother’s house was just sprayed with graffiti with a racist remark “ACORN” on the side of her home. “Acorn” is apparently a term that relates to white privilege/power. The vandalism occured on video in which has been obtained by TMZ. Meek Mill states via his Twitter account

“A white man sprayed a racial remarks on my Grandmom’s house last night in south philly referencing white Privileged…. the crazy part is this was a all black neighborhood 20 years ago It was gentrified and now this! Just don’t let us catch you coward!”

Here is the video of the vandalism

Meek Mill thinks the vandalism is due to the neighborhood being gentrified since it has been a predominately black neighborhood for over 20 years. Detectives are now investigating the vandalism since an official complaint has been filed.

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