Meek Mill plans to buy 30 vacant Philadelphia schools with best friend 76ers partner Michael Rubin and create free charter school

Nov 06 2019

Meek Mill is really becoming the activist he promised to be after his lastest release from prison. Thanks to Meeks prison reform movement the light is being shined on the flawed system that imprisons a lot of our innocent youth. Today with the help of his billionaire best friend 76er’s partner Michael Rubin, Meek announced that he will be creating a free charter school for the philly youth. Meek is gathering all his billionair buddies to buy over 30 vacant schools that stand collecting dust all over Philadelphia. Check out Meeks tweets below and tell us what you think!

7 thoughts on “Meek Mill plans to buy 30 vacant Philadelphia schools with best friend 76ers partner Michael Rubin and create free charter school

  1. Please tell him to let the teachers have a union that treats with respect and uses thier education and knowledge to guide the curriculum Or else it will go the same way as the school district of Philadelphia!
    D. Goins

  2. He plans to buy “1” of the “30” vacant schools not 30. Its a great start and I truly appreciate him caring enough to do something about these abandoned schools.

  3. What does he mean “our neighborhood”? Gentrification is strong is Philly. People are being displaced. I wish people would learn to think beyond what they read.

  4. Great please meet with community to let them know what is going on from beginning to the completion. Please hire from the community and give minority contractors a opportunity to partner with the community also.we send you all the blessings necessary to get approved and started positive inspiration from your neighboring city BALTIMORE MARYLAND Peace and love

  5. I wish alot if alot of this people that make it big in pro football and basketball and in the music industry would give back to there home town to help the kids and family’s that needs it and give the kids some were to go after school other then the streets there are alot of places were kids dont have no were to go after school we as black people don’t stick together like other people like the Latinos and the Jews and others we worried about who get what if someone is getting more then them are doing more and the ones thats getting more needs to help his brother or sister that needs help and stop being greedy we need to start help each other out you how the police have now start killing black people all over the country like its hunting season you can turn on your TV today and watch the News and you will see somewhere the police have killed one of us

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