Meek Mill disses Nicki Minaj & Drake on his new Meekend Ep

May 07 2017

Meek Mill is celebrating his 30th Birthday in style with his own Meekend aka Weekend. Meek and his whole team do this every year where they put together a line of events to bring in the rap superstars bday. Well this year they added a EP to it also titled Meekend. On the EP there is two stand out tracks. One titled “$lay” on this track Meek went at Drake. The beef with Drake and Meek was rumored to be squashed but it seems not in Meek’s eyes. On Slay which features A$ap Ferg Meek said “Packing this b*tch and you know we reloaded/Look at the credits and tell you who wrote it.” Which we all know is shots at Drake who Meek exposed had writers.

Now for Nicki, Meeks Ex. On $lay Meek said “Woke up this morning, I had a menage.” Which is a play on her name and all the women Meek has been posting lately on Instagram since the breakup. A couple bars later Meek said “I’m on the roof with that scope, and I hit them lil b*tches like Remy, my n****.” We all know this is a punchline using Nicki’s latest rival Remy. Check the songs below and tell us what you think

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