Meek Mill airs out DJ Akademiks saying he sucked off 6ix9ine and is now snitching on his baby mama

Jan 14 2019

This past weekend DJ Akademiks tried to snitch on Tekashi 6ix9ine’s baby mama Sara that she cheated on 6ix9ine with his manager Shotti and is talking to the feds. Not only that DJ Akademiks mentions wire taps on Sara (which we don’t know how he obtained). But DJ Akademiks says his information comes from credible people or the feds that they reached out to Sara regarding Tekashi 69.

Akademiks said

“You got subpoenaed by the police not too long I don’t know why you’d ever be online talking about people getting clapped. You got subpoena.”

Akademiks said.

“She went missing for a month after talking to the Feds. How are you at liberty to post some s*** like that. You know the feds just talked to you?” n***** is getting clapped? what are we talking about? I need some clarification baby girl.”

Well Meek Mill had something to say regarding DJ Akademiks

“You def sucked 69 off you telling on his baby mom now lol ? god bless the internet,”

Meek commented.

Now DJ Akademiks responded to Meek saying

“Meek the definition some1 who see a 60 second clip on a blog and form a whole opinion”

We all know DJ Akademiks was clout chasing off of Tekashi’s success plus Ak has definitely violated every man code in the book. Plus why does Akademiks come for females and never at any dudes since he always has people’s names in his mouth? Akademiks didn’t even mention Meek Mill in his response but responded to his comment ??

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