Master P’s “No Limit Chronicles” is #1 on BET & Top 10 tv show all of cable with no promo

Aug 02 2020

It seems everybody Wednesday night wanted a piece of the Ice Cream Man the icon himself Master P. Master P’s “No Limit Chronicles” debuted Wednesday night and it did some amazing numbers. Master P’s show was number 1 on BET and broke into the top 10 (8) for all cable shows. Lets not forget that this was done with no promo or push! People really did not find out about the show/series airing until a couple days before it acutally did. No radio or digital promo push either. This just shows us how much of a draw the icon Master P still is even 25 years later after he kicked the doors of the music industry down!

Click link for full rankings:

Master P’s No Limite Chronicles number 1 on BET:

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