Master P releases infomercial on his new Uncle P products which include Rice, Grits, Pancakes & more

Jun 22 2020

Master P is really set on educating the minority dollar on where our money goes when we dont buy black. For decades the minority dollar has fatten the wallets of racist white companies. Well now its time to fight and support our own. Check out the infomercial below that Master P released on his “Uncle P” products to educate the people on why its smart to finally buy black.

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To change the narrative it starts with education and ownership. Why not buy from us, when we are going to buy these products anyway. I'm using the same blueprint that I used in the music business to take over the food industry with Uncle P’s Rice, Uncle P’s Grits, Uncle P’s Oatmeal, Uncle P’s Pancake Mix & Uncle P’s Syrup. We're flooding the grocery stores with great tasting quality products owned by us. Creating diversity and opportunity in the markets share while a percentage goes back into our communities. Our motto is “the more we make, the more we give.” Uncle P's Rice Company is opening the doors for real minority-owned brands in the food business. Join the movement. #GodisGood #WeAllWeGot @askfly1

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