Master P and Baron Davis Are Buying Reebok, Time To Make It Black Owned.

Dec 29 2020

Reebok may be getting a new owner, as its German sportswear parent company Adidas looks to offload the household name brand. Once a cultural icon of epic proportions, Reebok has struggled in recent years to gain a foothold with today’s trendsetters and tastemakers. This could be changing as new buyers including a business dream team of hip-hop business mogul, Percy “Master P” Miller and former NBA All-Star Baron Davis are looking to acquire the company, which could garner an asking price of around $2.4 billion. Reebok’s $2.4 Billion Price Tag Brings Hip-Hop & Sports Moguls To The Table.

Source Forbes–sports-moguls-to-the-table/?sh=2558c9d66cb6

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