Lupe Fiasco said he is going to F***ed Kid Cuddi up (Video)

Jan 23 2015

For sometime now Lupe & Cuddi have exchanged words via twitter, but now Lupe said he is ready to get physical when he see’s Cuddi. The words all started back in August when Lupe Fiasco tweeted he will do verse for his fans for $500 and Cuddi clowned him on it like he was broke and needed the money.

In a recent interview with Sway Lupe asked if he would burry the hatchet with Cuddi he said “Fuck Him”. Lupe did say he was once a fan of Cuddi and even remember Cuddi when he worked at BAPE store before he blew up.

Lupe Goes on to say “I told my fans, ‘Yo, if you want a Lupe verse, I’ll write it for you for $500. It’ll be yours; you can’t put it on Twitter — it’s yours. Don’t leak the sh-t or do whatever; it’s yours.’ And Cudi went on Twitter and was like, ‘Yo, Lupe, what you gonna do with that money?’…I’m thinking he joking.”

“I said, ‘Yo, gimme this bitch ass nigga Cudi’s number, if I see him, I’m knockin’ him the fuck out,” Lupe continued. “‘Cause I wanna get to the bottom of what the fuck you talkin’ about. Because it’s me. The same nigga you went in Complex and was like, one of the only niggas who reached out to me genuinely and had love for me was Lupe. But now I’m some fuckin’ thief? Now I can’t find you? Nobody knows where you are?”

Lupe ended the interview with a direct threat: “Cudi, let’s settle this,” he said. “Talk to me, before I fuck you up.”

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