Lil Yachty is beyond broke blew $12 Million dollars on Jewelry, Cars, Clothes and is bouncing checks all over Atlanta

Oct 29 2019

Lil Yachty is broke! We are hearing beyond broke! The rapper who once made $20 Million dollars in one year before taxes has reportedly blown it all. Yachty has blew over $12 Million dollars on jewelry, cars and clothes we hear. Lil Yachty is being sued by a celebrity jeweler for $200,000 after he issued a check that bounced.

Gunven’s Fine Jewelry has been in business with the rapper for about two years and reportedly would send Yachty jewelry that he would pay for if decided he wanted it. Some of those items include a white gold diamond tennis bracelet worth $200,000, a $175,000 white gold diamond ring, and more.

Since then, Yachty has paid off a balance of $600,000 for 20 pieces but allegedly still owes $233,000 after writing a check for $70,000 that allegedly bounced. Gunven requested the jewels back, but Yachty has reportedly to send them back. Yachty allegedly texted Gunven, “ ..Bro if I had it, I would give it to you.”

Stay tuned for more updates!

Lil Yachty showing off his insane jewelry collection

35 thoughts on “Lil Yachty is beyond broke blew $12 Million dollars on Jewelry, Cars, Clothes and is bouncing checks all over Atlanta

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