Lil Yachty Accused Of Plagiarizing “Peek A Boo”

Jun 04 2017

Lil Yachty’s single “Peek A Boo” already had an interesting side story for one reason. Now a Memphis rapper is claiming that Boat actually jacked the song from him.

Rapper Memphis Ash dropped his song, “Pikachu” last year, which he naturally rhymed with “peekaboo.” Lawyers for Memphis fired off a cease and desist claiming Yachty’s track copies his verse and hook.

Coach K, Yachty’s manager, says he aint buying it, and that “Peek A Boo” is a totally different song, which is tough to argue with.

Memphis’ lawyer, Ben McLane, reportedly gave Yachty 10 days to fork over royalties, and of course that deadline has now passed. Sources told TMZ that Memphis’ next action will be trying to take down “Peek A Boo” from streaming services, but this seems like a long shot all around.

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