Lil Waynes lyrics on “Sorry 4 the wait 2” pisses Birdman off

Jan 22 2015

The well publicized riff between former father/son Lil Wayne & Birdman was confirmed by Lil Wayne on his latest mixtape “Sorry for the wait 2”. Wayne drop some lyrics on O.T. Genasis smash hit COCO where wayne says

Birdman Jr.? More like ugly duckling
Cash Money is an army / I’m a one man army / And if them niggas comin’ for me, I’m going out like Tony
All I got is Young Money, no more Cash nigga

Wayne did not stop there he also went on OG Maco’s hit “You Guessed it” and wayne says

My CMB days are dead I aint worried bout ghost/
I married the mobb we divorced/
And all that shit dead without Me of course/
Its nothing a zombie corpse/
You burnt yaself and was suppose to pass me the torch/
Fuck it I’ll see you in Forbes/

According to TMZ, the lyrics aren’t sitting well with Birdman. The gossip site says that “Coco” is, “especially galling to Birdman because he feels the man he calls ‘son’ is treating him like some random producer.”

The Lil Wayne and Birdman riff first hit sunlight back in December when Wayne released a serious of tweets on how he wanted his release from the label because the label treats him like a slave and wont release his “Carter V” album. To this day we still have no release date for “Carter 5”

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