Lil Durk threatens Quando Rondo & Disses FBG Duck in his new song

Jun 03 2021

A new Lil Durk snippet was released in anticipation of his collaborative album with Lil Baby. The leaked snippet finds the Chicago rapper speaking on the death of King Von, while possibly taking shots at some of his rap rivals.

In the snippet, Durk raps, “And we took L’s for sure / But in Chicago, they know we winning for sure / You do it for what? Better not say that you do it for [gunshots], them n***** be tough / That n**** was f*****, the moment he ran and he knew he ain’t ducked and his a** out of luck,” which many believe was a diss towards FBG Duck, who was killed in Chicago last year.

Durk also mentioned King Von’s passing and is believed to have referenced the Rolls Royce Quando Rondo was seen in during his interview with Angela Yee.

“We do it for Von, we don’t wait till it die down, we load and we do it tomorrow / We do it on feet, ask all of the opps about us, or who say we shoot at them cars / That Rolls better be bulletproof lil n****, you know we gon’ shoot at the stars,” Durk said during his verse.

During his interview with Angela Yee, Quando Rondo claimed he felt he was on good terms with King Von as he had worked with him and Lil Durk. He added that he had no idea he and King Von were at odds until he was punched and the ensuing shootout broke out.

Lil Durk warning Quando Rondo in new song:

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