Lil Durk says he made 6ix9ine TattleTales album #1 & 6ix9ine tells Durk to spin the block on the dudes who killed his cousin

Sep 04 2020

6ix9ine is celebrating his new album “TattleTales” being number 1 on Itunes! It seems 6ix9ine success is rubbing others the wrong way. On a post that DJ Akademiks made Lil Durk commented taking credit for 6ix9ine’s album being number 1. Of course 6ix9ine clapped back reminding Durk that he has 18 more million followers than Durk. 6ix9ine also told Durk to spin the block on the guys who killed his now dead cousin. Check out the back and fourth below and tell us what you think!

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