Lil Baby’s crew 4PF jump & rob Offset outside of Compound Nightclub in Atlanta & leave him in his underwear

Mar 06 2020

According to instagram blog On Site it is rumored that Offset and Lil Baby’s 4PF jumped him a couple nights ago outside of Compound nightclub. Many people seem to have taken to Twitter to confirm this happened and that the Migos rapper was beaten robbed and even stripped down to his drawers. The two have apparently have had some beef for sometime and some are even saying it is due to P’s favortism over his artist Lil Baby. Offset has removed all promotions of Lil Baby’s new project My Turn and unfollowed him as well.

People are also saying that Offset is also trying to pay to get an apology for the robbery.

From what witnesses were saying it seems guns were drawn and 4PF was out there to embarrass Offset. Offset got into Quality Control CEO P’s truck and drove off. There is also possibly a video of the incident that went down at Compound.

Check out what people are saying all over Twitter and people that were allegedly there.

43 thoughts on “Lil Baby’s crew 4PF jump & rob Offset outside of Compound Nightclub in Atlanta & leave him in his underwear

  1. 4PF needs to get somewhere and sit his butt down. This kind of behavior is ridiculous striping the man of his clothes. Offset is crazy I would have that Nig prosecuted and I wouldn’t care if they sent his butt to prison. After all they had guns on the man rob him of his clothes and there is no telling what else. That Nig would definantly do some time for arm robbery if I was Offset. Know how to get a Nig off your fricking back. you don’t have to pay them Offset.
    There are other means of handling them and keeping them off your got dog gone back.

      1. Off set is a bitch ass nigga. Point blank. It’s good someone put it out there showing everyone how much of a bitch nigga he is. Niggaz kills me wanna be gangster just cause ur a rapper. Just rap nd get ur money. Be ur self , who u are as a man before anything. I don’t wish no bad on him or nobody. Facts is facts

        1. Amen. Wanna play the game and say you wit it then handle your biz. Wtf you think riding around solo gonna get ya. Must not have those real mfs around him.

        2. What would you do if Gus was on you !! Why they didn’t do what they did with no guns personal property is worth your life

    1. This is funny af.. Who the fuck reads and writes all this shit lol this shit is nothing but a rumor amongst a bored group of niggers, who can now entertain themselves by conversating with other dumb niggers, about some other lame ass niggers they think are cool, by the use of improper English, misspelled words and complete lack of any intelligence whatsoever. Stupid fucking monkeys

  2. Kinda hard to believe until I see proof where Set. Security at though and Set ant that type of weak to pay off a bully.If true lil hateing ass niggas go work make your own bag this man out here huddling Raping acting his loved ones give him bags for gifts and yall wonna take his shit go get your OWN $HIT F**€ niggas.periodT

  3. I pray for Offset and I hope he does nothing immature. Offset has a beautiful wife and children that need him. Lil baby is not professional and will fall for sure. After this innocent happen Lil baby will lose a lot of fans. I am not listening to any of his music anymore and a couple of my friends are saying horrible thing about Lil baby. He is making a bad name for himself. Why in the hell would Lil baby do something so stupid? If i was Offset I wld get the law involved and prosecute each and everyone of those involveed Because what you not going to do is draw guns on me and strip my clothes off in the streets. Lil baby is showing signs of jealousy, destructive and illegal activities. I pray Offset get the law involve instead of retaliation.

  4. It is very stupid grown men supposedly grown men jumping other men and taking their things he’s right they should work for what the f*** they want instead of taking other people’s things whatever beef they have honestly they need to grow up stop focusing on that stupid s*** get a job and be a part of this world instead of running around calling themselves gangs they all need to let go of that s*** just like girls had to let go of playing with Barbies it’s old now and as for G Style you think living G Style is walking up on one man a whole bunch of you with guns and making him strip and taken his things that’s what you call G Styles that’s what I call b**** Style whole bunch on just one you guys really think that makes you look bad and hard wrong more like a joke that’s exactly what you guys are that little gang as you want to call them a joke

  5. Offset is not from the poor hood no more his wife cardi b either and he got probably because of cardi b you know these days they both with Rich and famous people like the Kardashians, the Jenner family and more. And offset probably wants to be harrassing people including his dangerous enemies who he is have beef with so then was going to happen is those enemies are revenge from him and his family and friends

  6. Offset is the husband and baby father of famous rap superstar of this generation cardi b and he is or was a rap singer from the migos rap group too. Offset have enemies what I believe he had or have some kind of beef with so he even couldn’t go to that nightclub, those robbers knew he was or going there probably he knew that was going to get robbed that day

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  9. Yal lost even on the same level lol baby hot gonna stay hot his crew well we will not an dont control actions of our people ya we pay for em but 4pf will act with or without baby as will boxer nights boys lol someone tell him wrong club wrong night

  10. It is what it is. The streets don’t love nobody. But where did all these illiterate guys and girls learn grammar and pronunciation?

    1. Thank you, Ron C! These assholes on here sound like they are just typing a bunch of words they don’t know how to spell and not in English sentence form either! A bunch of dumbasses with tourette’s syndrome is what almost every single comment under this blog sounds like, with the exception of 2-3. And I’m pissed I had to find this blog at all! Its fucking embarrassing to call any of you Americans!!!

  11. Offset Fuck Dem Niggas you got niggas in da can so don’t do nothing to get u back in there You Young and Successful G…I’m somebody who will get Da Goons to G check Dem Jokers

  12. Now look at this situation? The rap game is totally fuck up. We all work hard for the money. Niggas doing white man work. They sit back and say more dumb niggas at it again

  13. If I was a nigga getting money like that and them niggas jumped me like that like some hoe ass niggas would do because they scared to stand alone I would pay a shooter to kill each and every last one of them niggas and they would be just some dead ass rappers for trying to be tough and get media fame that shit ain’t gangsta that’s called a some hating ass shit

  14. You sound old asl πŸ˜‚ truth is he need to stop fucking gambling and the right thing to do is to pay up like a man

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  16. This shit not right u don’t do no shit like this to nobody and think it cool. No No Nohell no. Guess what it called karma. U do shit to people and it come back twice as hard. They fuck up cause now they not getting promoted or put in the spot light . Now what they gonna do. Like. Im sit back and wait and wait. I just glad offset ok . and I did like this anyways they corny ass hell.

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