Top 5 Hip Hop Songs about Love and Dating

Feb 28 2019

Hip hop is a very popular music genre today. Many couples associate some songs with their relationships. Hip hop songs are mostly about love and dating. However, we all are different, and we all have different tastes. In this insightful review, we’ll provide you with the list of top-ranked songs about love.

Valentine’s Day will come very soon. So, it is time to start getting ready for it! If you want to surprise your loved one, you should think of the playlist which will set the tone of your date. We all start getting ready for some events in advance. We buy gifts, reserve a table in the cafe, etc. However, not each of us thinks of music which will create a romantic atmosphere. You can light candles, cook delicious meals (or order some dishes from your favorite restaurant), and enjoy sensual hip hop together with your loved one.

The overriding purpose of this review is to find the best hip hop songs which will make a romantic evening much better. So, get comfortable and take a look!

Mobb Deep feat.112 – “Hey Luv”
This song is not new; it was released far back in the past, in 2001, but still, it is a favorite hip hop single of many couples. No matter what the origin of your partner is, she will definitely appreciate this song. Russian, European, or Ukrainian brides like this music genre. Therefore, this song deserves being in your playlist. This is a well-known romantic track which shows an absolutely different side of this hip hop duo.

50 Cent feat. Nate Dogg – “21 Questions”
Have you seen this video clip? It is like a short romantic movie. The song is also great! If you want to see a different side of 50 Cent, this track is exactly what you need. This song is also not new, but still, it has a profound meaning. Just listen to it once, and we guarantee, you’ll be listening to it on repeat. It’s an amazing song from a talented rapper.

Beyonce feat Jay Z. – “Drunk in Love”
You will hardly find a woman who doesn’t like the songs of Beyonce. She is a talented and fascinating singer who has millions of fans from all over the globe. Every her music clip is like a masterpiece. This song is a perfect confirmation of this fact. Some fans consider that this song is just a foremost demonstration that even calm relationships can be accompanied by high emotions. You won’t regret if you add this song to your playlist. Beyonce and her songs can’t disappoint listeners!

J.Cole feat Miguel – “Power Trip”
This is the lead single from his sophomore album. Still, it remains one of the best songs of this amazing singer. However, it has a double meaning, but not every person can understand it. A little and pretty girl is in the center of attention. However, the singer confessed that this girl shows his love for music. It’s an amazing song written by an incredible singer. It has a deep meaning, but not every listener can understand it. Just add it to your romantic playlist!

Kano feat Craig David
The song was released in 2007 and was included into the list of the best 20 songs of the year. Being a simple love story, this single can get under the skin. Besides, it can help you create a perfect romantic atmosphere.

Keep in mind that sometimes, such trifles as songs mean much more than too expensive gifts. Be very attentive to such details as the supporting music, candles, essential oil burners, etc. All these things can help you create a perfect atmosphere. Your loved one will definitely appreciate this.

We all have different music tastes. However, every person should have a romantic playlist which will help create a festive and romantic atmosphere when it is necessary. So, don’t hesitate, create it in advance!

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