The Nike Air Max 95 Is Coming Soon In Neon And Red

Sep 11 2018

Nike’s Air Max 95 has had just about as busy a year as any Nike Sportswear icon, having released in a seemingly endless deluge of colorways. From collaborative iterations with the likes of atmos to intriguing GR selections like the one you see here, the 95 is still sitting toward the top of the brand’s Air Max pantheon. Here, you see the anatomically-inspired mid-90s classic done up in a striking neon green and red color scheme with black and white elements mixed in for contrast. Flooding the market with a bevy of color options sitting atop the Swoosh’s most rvered silhouettes is a time-tested strategy that will continue paying dividends, as it gives consumers with all different types of footwear preferences a chance at owning an instrumental piece of sneaker lore. While no official release date has surfaced, you can expect this brightly-colored Air Max 95 to arrive at and other global retailers this month.

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