The Nike Air Max 95 Arrives In A Vibrant Colorway For 2019

Jan 04 2019

Among the rest of the air bubble toting line-up, the Air Max 95 reigns at the forefront in its variety of color combinations. Due mostly in part to its layered upper, Beaverton has been able to fully flesh out its creativity, donning it quite a few wild patterns, subtle schemes, and a wide assortment of gradients. Following the announcement of their forthcoming Cav Empt collaboration, a contrasting scheme of mixed tones bring about a somewhat fitting return to more retro palettes, injecting themes inspired by OG releases. The mudguard is dressed in a smart navy tone, getting lighter with a subtle grey and bleach white towards the ankle. Emanating noticeably, the hot pink hue along the outsole and insole create a vibrant break in what is otherwise a more muted kit. At a retail of $160, this Air Max 95 is expected to pave the way for the new year on February 22nd, 2019 at as well as select retailers.

via SneakerNews

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