Dior x Stüssy Reveal Chinese New Year Capsule

Jan 07 2021

With Chinese New Year on the horizon, Kim Jones partners with Shawn Stussy for a themed collaboration. This time, the Dior x Stussy Chinese New Year capsule revolves around the symbols of the Year of the Ox.

Coming off of a highly successful collaboration of clothing and footwear items for Dior’s Fall 2020 campaign, the collection will continue to highlight the iconic Shawn Stussy graphic. The hybrid branding presents the Dior name scrawled in the unmistakable graffiti font. Fans can expect a range of clothing items including a varsity letterman-like jacket in red and the Dior branding prominently stitched on the chest. However, the ox outlined in navy and filled in with the Stussy graphic-enhanced Dior logos is the main highlight of the jacket. The series alternates heavily between the navy and red colorway and includes hoodies, sweaters, and button-up shirts that also feature the ox head silhouette. For those who are looking for an understated option, the collection offers a collared navy jacket, where only a red Dior logo is visible, as well as a bright red hood, where the original “CD” logo is subtly stitched into the front.

The capsule also features accessories such as the festive navy blue backpack which comes with a removable badge of the ox silhouette. Sneaker fans might be interested to know that the collaboration has resurrected the logo-mania high tops, this time with the added red and navy festive touches. The Dior x Stussy branding pattern continues to make a statement in this collection, as seen plastered on the jacquard scarf and tie.

The Dior x Stussy Year of the Ox capsule is now available at Dior in select regions.

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