Apple Announces “One More Thing” Event, Expected to Unveil Silicon-Powered Macs

Nov 02 2020

On November 10 at 10 a.m. PST, Apple will hold a “One More Thing” event which will likely reveal its first Arm-based Macs, powered by Apple Silicon chips in a departure from the Intel processors found in Apple computers since 2005. The announcement follows swirling rumors in October that Apple would reveal its first silicon-powered Mac processor this month. The company first revealed that new Macs would arrive in 2020 during WWDC 2020. The Apple Silicon Mac is rumored to launch in a 12-inch format with an ARM Mac processor using TSMC 5 nanometer process technology. Apple is expected to begin the ARM line-up with a MacBook but likely has plans to incorporate these Apple Silicon chips for all of its products, including desktops, in the future.

In addition to the Apple Silicon reveal, the event’s program may include a reveal of macOS 11 Big Sur, also announced at WWDC 2020, and rumors last month hinted a less expensive MacBook might also be a part of the offerings. But the low-cost laptop and the Apple Silicon Mac may in fact be one and same; reportedly, Apple has been able to keep the cost of each processor at $75 USD, about one-fourth of the cost of Intel’s processor.

But whatever happens next week, it’s sure to be a pivotal moment for Apple; the phrase “One More Thing” was last used in 2017 to announce the arrival of the iPhone X.

Meanwhile, Apple has also announced a new initiative to replace faulty AirPods Pro, following reports from customers experiencing sound quality issues during exercise and glitches with Active Noise Cancellation technology.

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