Lebron James former Step Dad Miami rapper Lambo exposes Lebron for smashing Beyonce & having loving child with reporter Sharon Reed

Jun 14 2018

It seems some kinks may be in the armor of Lebron James and his personal life. For his whole pro career there has really been no drama or scandal linked to Lebron and his brand. Well now we have Lebrons former step daddy Lambo who is a rapper from Miami. Lambo was dating Lebron’s mom Gloria James for about 5 years and even got engaged. Lambo is now spelling all of the families deepest secrets. Two of the secrets definitely caught our eye. Lambo hints that Lebron was smashing Beyonce which is why she was not invited to their wedding and that Lebron has a secret love child with news anchor Sharon Reed.

Both are crazy claims but in the celebrity world crazy is usually true! Who would blame Beyonce for getting revenge on her cheating husband Jay Z? Not us for sure! It also makes sense with Sharon Reed because she was with the Lebron in Cleveland and even followed him to Miami when he went to play for the Miami Heat. Check all the Instagram post below we pulled from Lambo’s account and tell us what you think!

Lambo exposing Lebron & Beyonce:


2 thoughts on “Lebron James former Step Dad Miami rapper Lambo exposes Lebron for smashing Beyonce & having loving child with reporter Sharon Reed

    1. Let me just start by saying, “being on the outside looking in is sometimes no better than actually being on the inside. No one knows what really happened except for the parties involved and not all the time will the story be told correctly. #iftherisastory# Grow the fukk up. That’s what Lambo needs to do. If this situation was happening to just regular people like myself, it would get talked about today and forgotten the next. Everyone involved are adults and should conduct themselves as such. There are innocent children who “CAN NOT” change nor get involved in all of this. Beyonce is an “AWESOME”,and “AMAZING” musician, wife, and mother. With that being said….”STOP” degrading her. Lambo also said he was telling all because he pissed about how Lebron “DID HIM”…well, in the world I live in…when something like that happens…you go to the source. Just let him know how you feel. Not do dumb,fukkass shit like this. In the long run, it’s only going to backfire. Remember…you may all have daughters some day. I have 3 and to have to see this kind of stuff is heartbreaking. Ima end by saying…Lambo, grow up! Beyonce, keep doing what your doing. Sharon, don’t let pettiness get to you. Lebron, I’m a diehard Kobe fan but hey, you have the best number in the NBA,plus you play for the Lakers…your alright in my book. #setExamplesonhowUwouldwantUrkidz2B#

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