Lakers Star Brandon Ingram lets Lebron James & Fans know they do not bother him by chanting “Bron’s Gonna Trade You”

Feb 06 2019

Last night the Los Angeles Lakers got destroyed by the Indiana Pacers, losing by 42 points. The 42 point beat down was the biggest in Lebron James career. While at the freethrow line Laker star Brandon Ingram heard chants of “Bron’s Gonna Trade You” from Pacer fans. It has been no secret in the national media that Brandon Ingram is apart of a trade package from the Lakers in effort to get NBA Star Anthony Davis. After the game reproters caught up with Brandon and asked him how he felt about the chants. Brandon said “I still made [both] free throws.” Check both videos out below and tell us what you think!

Brandon Ingram response to fans & Lebron:

Fans Chanting “Bron’s Gonna Trade You”:


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