Judge Orders French Montana to pay Waka Flocka’s Mom Deb Antney $2 Million Dollars for stealing money

Jul 04 2018

French Montana got some bad news today when a judge ordered that he pay Waka Flocka’s Mom Deb Antney $2 Million dollars from a previous lawsuit.

Deb Antney and her company Mizay Entertainment filed the lawsuit claiming that her former client French Montana went behind herback and cut deals. Deb who was managing French at the time claimed that French cut deals for over $1,864,012.00. The Judge awarded Deb this plus $135,140.00 for interest. French has not responded to Deb Antney’s suit.

No word has been said by Waka yet, one has to Wonder if Waka will put hands on French Montana for not paying his Mom the money she is owed.


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