Joel Osteen is paying Kanye West $300,000 for him and his choir to perform on his Sunday service

Nov 12 2019

Kanye West is no fool, he knew this Christain/Jesus act would bring in the real big bucks! News has been funneled to us that Kanye and his singing choir will be paid $300,000 by Joel Osteen to perform this Sunday at his Service which comes on national tv. Joel’s church in Houston holds over 45,000 people in it. We’re told the plan is for Kanye to show up at Joel’s 11 AM service in Houston this coming Sunday at the Lakewood Church

Stay tuned for more updates!

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21 thoughts on “Joel Osteen is paying Kanye West $300,000 for him and his choir to perform on his Sunday service

  1. You aint tripping. “Con-ya” con-ya best hard at work fooling these BLIND Christians. I’m a labourer for the kingdom and the King. These wolves are worthless

  2. $300,000 is nothing. Consider the cost of transportation, lodging, meals, cost of promoting the event, etc. Whether Kayne is doing Rap or Gospel this is the way he makes his living. Just because he deems himself as a Christian doesn’t mean the value of his services rendered are any less valuable. Everyone doesn’t work a 9 to 5, $8 an hour job. Some of us have BIG Dreams and we know our WORTH. To Kanye West and Joel Osteen Ministries please show me how to overcome a poverty mindset and start thinking abundance.

    1. Yeah, real christian to have a bank account full of cash you’ll never spend that can feed 1000 people for a lifetime. Real Christian to hire Kanye instead of do good in the world. If you believe this is proper religion in any way then I guess you can follow Osteen straight to hell, if people like that go to heaven ill take a hard pass on going there myself.

  3. Why would you guys post this if you don’t know if it’s true?! Definitely not saying that those two are above reproach. However too many non-satirical sites just report things without confirming the facts. You do this because you know that people will take it and run with the information.

  4. Yes check your resources first and if it is true, as someone else pointed out if that’s the value Kanye says he is worth and Osteen says yes, that’s their deal. I wonder what Osteen would give to someone like the Missippi Mass Choir? My personal, let the fruit of Kanye’s tree produce first!!! I pray that he is sincere about serving God, afterall God can use anybody. He is using some of us, right?

  5. West is a Fraud, West knows their is money inside of churches than in music. All this crap is fake and people actually give their hard earn money to this.

  6. Perfectly placed church money. On both of their parts. Could have built a huge shelter behind his church to house storm victims because he doesnt want them in his church, this is a much better idea.

  7. The Word says there will always be the poor amoung us. Jesus was homeless. We are called to spread the gospel. If even one life is saved and changed by His Holy Spirit then what is money. Its only temporal. Let God be the judge. Our greatest commandment is to love one another as Christ loves His Church. Praying many lives will be saved🙏

  8. Joey so full of shit. He wouldn’t have spent that money on the same ppl of Houston when they had no where to go. He refuse to let them into the church. Fuck him & Kanye West dick sucking ass! 🤬

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