Jay Z will bond out everyone arrested who Protested Alvin Cole police shooting

Oct 12 2020

Jay Z continues to stamp his name as the goat when it comes to helping his people. Jay Z and RocNation announce that Jay will bond out and pay fines for everyone arrested protesting the Alvin Cole police shooting. In February 2020, police in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, reportedly shot a 17-year-old Black teenager named Alvin Cole. The teen was shot by a Black police officer named Joseph Mensah, who has reportedly shot two people fatally within the last five years. It was recently revealed that charges wouldn’t be filed by the Milwaukee County DA this past Wednesday, which caused protests.

Team ROC also called for the firing of Joseph Mensah and that he be prosecuted for the shooting of Cole. Along with that, they are demanding that Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers hire a special prosecutor for the Alvin Cole case. Take a look above.

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